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: My friend’s sister, Arielle (She was in school when I snooped around her room, but her older sister was there to “tour” me! I asked her to ask Arielle if it was ok that I look through her stuff and take some pictures but my friend said it was totally ok and that Arielle would’ve said yes anyway. OK! I was just going to take a few pics – just a few of her stuff, nothing that would make me feel guilty of exposing. I actually deleted a few pics before actually uploading them on my blog. J ...Although I’ve known Arielle for many years now, we don’t talk at all... just HIs and hellos... even if her sister is my close friend. I also barely see Arielle.)

Room Location: Petersville Subdivision, Baguio City ( that’s right, I went up to Baguio for a few days, yey! J )

The Room.

I walk up the big staircase of my friend’s house in Petersville, I take a right turn and, after a few steps more, I face left and there I am looking inside Arielle’s room. First impressions? It’s a neat looking room; no clutter, and lots of space. I take a few steps in. The first things I see are the two beds right next to each other on my right. They’re facing a few windows that were covered. Right in front of those windows are a treadmill and a wooden desk and chair. The treadmill was plugged in, so I assumed it was used often. On top of that desk is a box with stuffed toys in them and small jar-like pen holder with pens and pencils in it. There are also a few notebooks and papers. Right beside the desk, on the floor, sat a basket-like organizer with books, notebooks, papers, and folders in it. “Hmm... I’m pretty sure Arielle’s a good student.” To my left is a bigger desk with a few drawers. On top of that big desk is a TV and DVD Player. Above the desk are mini shelves with pictures and trophies on them, facing straight ahead. None of them are tilted to face the beds. It was obvious to me that these pictures and trophies are “other-directed.” The pictures were from years and years back; they were of Arielle, Arielle and her family, Arielle and her sister... there was also a Tumbler behind the pictures. This tumbler looked liked one of those tumblers you buy in Starbucks; the ones where you get to make your own design. The tumbler had more recent pictures of Arielle, and a few with her sister. This tumbler, sitting on the shelf, is obviously other-directed. There were also a few books on one of the shelves, organized according to series. They were all obviously “Chick Lit,” with titles like “Twilight” and “Just For You To Know."

To the left of that desk is the door to the bathroom. I decide to observe the bathroom after the room itself. I turn to my right slightly and look at the rest of the room. There’s a desk beside the beds with one picture frame on it facing straight, right at me. Inside the frame is a picture of Arielle when she was a baby. Again, I observed that this is an “other-directed” thing. On the other side of the two beds is a wall. On that side of the room are the cabinets and one big chair on front of one of the cabinets.

Inside the first cabinet I open are a variety of things. Comforters, more of those box-type organizers (like the one on top of her desk, holding her stuffed toys), a case for badminton shuttlecocks, books, a big automatic sharpener, still more organizers, a paper bag, and this long black oval container (I didn’t know what it was for). My friend said that inside those organizers in the closet are Arielle’s “old stuff” and “sentimental things.” I didn’t want to dig through them anymore, since Arielle herself wasn’t around. I take a step to my right, push the chair forward a little bit and open the next cabinet. Pillows galore! Everything inside the cabinet was pillows. I spot those neck pillows that you use for travelling... she has a lot of them, and that immediately told me she likes to travel, and well, be comfortable while travelling. I thought to myself, I should really get me one of those neck pillows. I close the cabinet, push the chair back and look at the two beds. My friend, standing in the doorway tells me that Arielle’s maid sleeps with her; in my head I wonder why. I walk and look around some more and decided to (with permission from um, Arielle’s sister... she was speaking for Arielle) open the drawers of the cabinet that the TV was on top of. Inside I found lots of random things, BUT, somehow they were still organized.

I said to myself “huh. The insides of my drawers are never organized... except maybe when I first started putting stuff in them... and the rare times I’m OC enough to include my drawer contents when I’m organizing.” Teen magazines (Total Girl, Girlfriend – I would describe them as “teeny-boppy”), DVDS (Gossip Girl, Clueless, etc.), more organizers and cases, “Wii” controllers, and this big remote control that could be used for both the TV and DVD player, were the contents of these drawers. I close the cabinets and took a few steps to enter the bathroom.

The Bathroom/Walk-In Closet.

It was a neat bathroom. The cabinet doors were full length sliding mirrors, there was a small shower area and then to the right of that, the toilet seat and the sink; such a cute and neat bathroom. My friend opens Arielle’s cabinets for me and I see all kinds of stuff. Aside from the clothes, there were bags (maletas – another sign that she travels) , shoes, more of those box-type organizers, and shopping bags. My friend then immediately says to me “sorry, I kinda messed up her clothes ‘cos I was looking for something to wear.” I take pictures. I ask my friend to pull out something that was typically Arielle. She pulls out a long plaid top, looks some more and says “aha! This is so Arielle” and then she pulls out a rough grey zipper vest (they’re worn separately). After taking pics, I say “hmm, Arielle must like wearing leggings and rocker-ish outfits, hehe.” “Yup, all the time kaya.” my friend says. And then I connect that thought to the few times I actually see Arielle, and yes, her clothes aren’t girly like her sisters. This was interesting because Arielle’s magazines were very girly, “teeny-boppy-ish” magazines. Hmmmm. I look at the dresses hanging on the right of the closet and my friend says to me “oh, some of these dresses are mine and some are my mom’s old dresses.” I walk over to the shower area and look at the toiletries. Arielle uses the exact same conditioner I use. There were no shampoo bottles or anything like that on the floor. I look at the toilet bowl, and then the sick. Toiletries were organized. Her tubes of toothpaste were placed on a small black plate. I see these groovy sunglasses and my friend said she used to wear them at parties, back when those kinds of sunglasses were uso. Below the sink I see more magazines and folded towels. And that was it! My snooping has come to an end.

Snoopology and The Ocean’s 5.

Indeed, I saw a lot of Identity Claims (I think these were the most obvious), Feeling Regulators, and Behavioral Residue. But taking in all the stuff I saw, I was able to gauge her habits and attitude. Because of all the organized stuff (the books on her shelves, stuff in her closet, in her bathroom, in her drawers, etc.), the treadmill and the trophies (which to me symbolized dedication and perseverance), and even the plate that the tubes of toothpaste were on – all these things added up to her being thorough, efficient, reliable and dependable. Her study desk and the stuff on it and beside it (notebooks etc. in the basket on the floor), told me that she was a good student. Thus, I would have to say that Arielle had the Big C type of personality trait.

The Birthday Gift!

I think it would be nice that I give her a really fancy, detailed Planner from Fully Booked/Power Books. She’d need this as a student, and would enjoy it because of well, her Big C personality. :)

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  1. i try to clean up every now and then but my house, small as it is just ends up becoming a museum of natural history