Friday, June 18, 2010

More Than Just A Shopping Bag!

This is my first time blogging and I'm not quite sure how to start haha. Hmmm... Ok first of all, my full name is Kylee Therese S. Lagman. Like I said in class, you can call me Ky/Kylee... or whatever name you wanna call me... just let me know. :P I'm a Baguio girl, and I love that I'm not from the city... although I've lived here for around 5 years now (and don't get me wrong, I love it too), there's just no place like the breezy and small city of pines to come home to and relax. Also, my family's there, and we're a close bunch. Oh! Any time you wanna go to Baguio, I'll be happy to show you around (maybe after we get to know each other a little more first hahaha).

I described myself in class as a "shopping bag" but, you will all soon (hopefully) see the true side of me: I'm not just a girly girl who likes buying pretty things in malls. :) hah.
I love a lot of things. :) I love fashion, but I also love extreme sports. I love books, but I'd also (sometimes) rather watch the movie version instead. I'm curious, I'm optimistic, I'm hard-working, I'm compassionate, I'm laid back. I'm a boy, I'm a little kid, I'm a lot of things you wont expect. I'm also kinda shy (hihi). So if you find me not talking that much in class, don't think I'm a snob, haha. k thanks bye.

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